Dakota Rainmaker

Sync Dakota Marketplace investor data directly to your Satuit instance

Satuit + Dakota Marketplace Integration: Curated For Your CRM

With Dakota Marketplace’s partnership with Satuit, we have created an easy to use interface directly inside your Satuit instance giving you instant access to fresh opportunities and contact data

Comprehensive Insights: Seamlessly access and analyze data merged with Marketplace intelligence, all within your Satuit CRM.

Data Integrity: Leverage a unified, reliable source of lead information maintained directly through your Satuit system.

Effective Prospecting: Stay ahead with real-time updates, keeping your sales contacts fresh and actionable.

Reach New Lead Opportunities & Initiate Successful Sales Conversations

With our integration, users get access to:

Sales Pipeline Tracking

Efficiently monitor your sales progress and forecast more accurately with integrated pipeline tools.

Complex Relationship Management

Navigate the complexities of investor relationships with ease, supported by Satuit's advanced CRM functionalities.

New Sales Contacts

Discover and connect with potential investors, leveraging data-driven insights from the extensive Dakota marketplace.

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Satuit Technologies is at the forefront of providing innovative CRM, reporting, and investor portal software designed explicitly for buy-side investment professionals and asset managers. Satuit's highly configurable CRM helps your firm streamline operations, nurture and expand client relationships, ensure compliance, and grow AUM.

The firm has nearly 30 years of experience providing clients across the globe with their CRM and reporting solutions. Started in 1994 and headquartered in Braintree, MA, Satuit is a global leader which has served over 500 clients in more than 35 countries.

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